Island Taxidermy and Wildlife Art Studio Island Taxidermy and Wildlife Art Studio sunrise feeding under Aquinnah 2569520 closeup of Scup feeding on the bottom of the ocean 2569538 snapper blue in antique shadow box 2569657 Fish Tales Real skin mount of striped basst tail with a splash. Tells the story of the big one that got away! 2586408 Close up of swimming striped bass 2586555 Dawns Rising 2586841 Squibnocket Morning SOLD 2586898 Grey Trigger Fish 2587277 Day Break 28" striped bass and small bluefish chasing mummychugs and a minnow mounted on a beautiful solid oak root base Sold through Scrimshaw Gallery 2010 19659656 Fly by Night This is a 30" striped bass on driftwood with a solid redwood slab base FOR SALE 19659674 40 lb swimming striper 43355173 40 lber swim action 43355174 Minnow Jewelry This is a real fish 58341067 Minnow Pin Fresh water minnow 58341068 Minnow Jewelry Pin These fish are real. They measure approx 21/2 to 3" 58341069 reproduction Mahi Mahi 64801502 64801503 64801504 64801505 197089749