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"The Blitz"

"FLY BY NIGHT " . I caught these Striped Bass and Blue fish, then preserved them using all the most up to date taxidermy techniques. They are skin mounts, a lost art.

One of a kind pieces.

"Fish Tales" 

Minnow Jewelry Pins

These minnows are real fish!

All the most up to date taxidermy

Techniques have been used to preserve

Them and give them durability.

Each fish is unique. Find the one in the school

That is special for you.

Wear your minnow for fun or with your

Most elegant outfits.

Hand made by

Island Taxidermy & Wildlife Art Studio

Whimsy Fish


For 25 years I have been working with some of

Nature’s perfect creatures, fish and crabs. I obtain them from

the waters that surround my home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Using the method of Skin Mount Taxidermy

I’ve attempted to recreate their natural beauty.

Now, I have decided to go in the opposite

direction and let my creative gift go WILD!

Introducing “WHIMSY FISH”

Horseshoe crabs

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